Reviews about Prostovit

  • Matilde
    Only Prostovit helped my husband, even though we tried a lot of drugs, we even thought about surgery. Thank God, it worked, because the operation is expensive and the risks are great.
  • Leonor
    As soon as I got prostatitis, I stopped enjoying life, there was pain and you couldn't go to the toilet normally and the erection, I'm ashamed to say, disappeared. And Prostovit has brought me back to life again, not only do I feel healthy, but I can hoo-hoo in bed!
  • Ykharo
    Drops help very well and not only remove pain, but also restore men's health. Whatever you say, for a man this is the most important thing.
  • João
    I know this drug, I ordered it for my father. The hospital wanted to extract a lot of money for the operation, it is good that such a tool was invented, effective and, above all, cheap.
  • Rodrigo
    Every man is afraid of facing prostatitis, so I drink Prostovit as a preventative measure, just in case. He helped his friends with him, but I think I won't get prostatitis if I take a course of drops a couple of times a year.
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